Are You Ignoring Important Tasks

Set Priorities

It happens. Unexpected work comes in and before you know it, you're ignoring important tasks that can cost you dearly in terms of clients and quality. In fact, these mundane tasks account for part of the growth factor of your business. Yes, here you are with tasks that need to be done but require precious time that you don't have. Yet with a few simple steps in place, you can … [Read more...]

Time Management Made Simple

Time Management Made Simple

Time management will be at the top of most virtual assistant's list of necessary skills. Why is this so? From the virtual assistant's perspective and their clients, we need to stay on top of things, and the way to get this done is by effective time management. Wait a minute, though, it doesn't need to be complicated. There's a Time and a Place When I say time management … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Your Real Estate Blogging Fall by the Wayside

The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post

With the best of intentions, many real estate agents begin their blogging adventure. They know that it will drive more traffic to their website, and who doesn't want that? Even more so, they want their website visitors to become "informed" buyers and sellers. With both goals in mind, they sit down at their computer ready to add regular blogging to their weekly schedule. Then … [Read more...]

Real Estate Virtual Assistant or Onsite Assistant

Some might think that I would naturally say that in every instance a REVA, or real estate virtual assistant, should always be your first choice over an onsite assistant. That's simply not true. There are times when an onsite assistant might be in the real estate agent's best interests. At the same time, there are times when a REVA would be their best choice. Have you been … [Read more...]

Lead Management Is a Must for Successful Real Estate Agents

CRM Resized

What’s your favorite CRM - Top Producer, Wise Agent, IXACT Contact? Each program has its merits and shortcomings, but use them for a while and they become something you can't live without. The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that lead management is a must for successful real estate agents. Leads plus closed transactions equal sales and satisfied clients. Once … [Read more...]