Real Estate Virtual Assistant or Onsite Assistant

Some might think that I would naturally say that in every instance a REVA, or real estate virtual assistant, should always be your first choice over an onsite assistant. That's simply not true. There are times when an onsite assistant might be in the real estate agent's best interests. At the same time, there are times when a REVA would be their best choice. Have you been … [Read more...]

Lead Management Is a Must for Successful Real Estate Agents

CRM Resized

What’s your favorite CRM - Top Producer, Wise Agent, IXACT Contact? Each program has its merits and shortcomings, but use them for a while and they become something you can't live without. The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that lead management is a must for successful real estate agents. Leads plus closed transactions equal sales and satisfied clients. Once … [Read more...]

Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Too many hours at the office? Ready to let go and hire someone to lighten your load? Many successful business owners use the services of a virtual assistant to bring them relief from spending too much time on repetitive, mundane tasks. Read the following tips for finding the best virtual assistant for your business. With this information in mind, you will have realistic … [Read more...]

Creating Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

As the name suggests, evergreen content is timeless and lives on long past current event posts. Its goal is to outlive current trends that will eventually dwindle down with time, and timeless content requires little or no updating. How do you go about creating evergreen content? If you have a few blog posts that bring a lot of traffic to your website, you have likely already … [Read more...]

The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post

Blogging To Your Heart's Content

Ahh the perfect blog post. Content is king, right? Yes and no. We hear it over and over, but content alone is not enough. You need to dig deeper if you're looking to write blog copy that gets your reader's attention. It's  important to create content that will catch and keep your reader's attention. Anything less and you may be talking to the air. With this in mind, let's … [Read more...]