Are You Really In Control Of Your Business

The average workday is around 8 hours. The story is very different, though, for the small business owner. You spend countless hours at your desk. Sometimes, you work late at night and through your weekend. While you have heard of using a virtual assistant to free up some of your time, you hesitate because you […]

Effective Delegation Skills Are Golden

Want to know the secret to working with a REVA, real estate virtual assistant? You might think that it’s having a successful consultation with them. That’s important, but that’s not the key to working with them. The key ingredient is effective delegation skills. Without it, a lot of time is wasted. Let me give you […]

Blog To Your Heart’s Content

I do a lot of blogging, I have to admit, every “Great!” “I love it!” or “Good job” means a lot to me. Why do so many agents use REVAs for their blog copy? Some are strapped for time. Let’s face it; if they’re successful, they don’t have much time to write a blog post […]

The Impact of Words

More Time Off Means Happier Clients

Feeling overworked with too much on your plate? This is becoming more and more common. What’s the answer? When done right, time off benefits you and your clients.