More Time Off Means Happier Clients

Feeling overworked with too much on your plate? This is becoming more and more common. What’s the answer? When done right, time off benefits you and your clients.

Circle of Kindness

The flower of kindness will grow. Maybe not now, but it will some day. And in kind that kindness will flow, for kindness grows in this way. Robert Alan

Need An Extra Hour Every Day

At the end of the day, most successful business owners could easily use an extra hour. Is it possible? There are only 24 hours a day. Right? That’s a fact, and there is no miracle formula that will give you more than a 24 hour day. However, there is a way to gain back an […]

Listing Coordination For Busy Real Estate Agents

Satisfied clients naturally result from listings that are properly cared for. Clients have been kept in the loop and know what steps you have taken to market their property.  You’ve provided them with Seller Reports, and they can see firsthand how their home is showing online. We understand the demands placed on real estate agents […]

Why Social Media Is Important For Business

Surprising as it may be, many still doubt the importance of social media because they don’t see immediate results. Some even leave in frustration because after months, they still only have the same 47 friends on their business fan page as they started out with and that was their Facebook friends. However, there are several […]